By using any Pilot Pro product, you agree not to hold us responsible for any errors, data loss, or other issues. We do our best to make Pilot Pro reliable and accurate. But since the FAA does not officially recognize digital logbooks as a final record for certifying flight time, this cannot be your only logbook.

You also agree not to hold Pilot Pro responsible if an error or misrepresentation of your logbook data leads you to make an incorrect assertion when applying for a job, type rating, certification, or anything of the sort. It is your responsibility to confirm flight totals and other information with your paper logbook and your trainers.

In short, we're doing our best. But don't come after us if something goes wrong. Just try to peacefully resolve the issue with the FAA and/or your potential employer.

Data Loss

Our hope is that no Pilot Pro user ever loses logbook data. That's one of the primary reasons we allow you to sync your logbook with Dropbox so that your information is backed up with a historical record on Amazon's S3 servers.

You can also make a logbook backup by using the CSV or PDF export options available in the iOS app.

We're being careful. If you're careful too, nothing should ever go wrong. We are not responsible for logbook data since you own your data.


We never sell or misuse your contact information (if we have it).