Why You Should Sync and Back Up with Dropbox

Last Updated on March 14, 2016

How it Works

You may know Dropbox as a way to store your computer's files and have them available anywhere. What you may not know is that Dropbox allows app developers like us to store app files. When you log in to your Dropbox account, you give Pilot Pro permission to store your logbook in your Dropbox account. The Pilot Pro app is only allowed to see what's in the /Apps/Pilot Pro folder in your Dropbox account.

Why You Should Use It

The biggest reason to use Dropbox is that it's the only way to sync your logbook between devices (iPhone, iPad, and our web app). We are always looking at other ways to do this sync, but the Dropbox method is what currently makes the most sense.

Another good reason to connect to Dropbox—even if you don't sync to other devices—is because Dropbox backs up your files for you in a very reliable way. This means your Pilot Pro logbook is stored safely in the cloud, so if your iOS device gets lost or stolen, you don't lose your logbook. Even an iCloud backup can be an unreliable way of getting your logbook back. We strongly recommend you always use Dropbox with Pilot Pro.

Your Logbook is Yours

Another fringe benefit of Dropbox is that the data is yours. With some apps, you create information and then it gets stored on that company's server. In this case, Pilot Pro's data is stored in Dropbox and not on our servers. You can install the Dropbox app on your computer and keep a copy of your Pilot Pro logbook sync to your computer as well. This means your logbook is yours to have and to hold 'til death do you part! :)