How to Import Your Logbook into Pilot Pro

Last Updated March 14, 2016

Importing Your Logbook

For now, the only way to import your logbook into Pilot Pro is to put your flight logs in our CSV (Excel) template. Follow the instructions below to get started.

We are working on allowing you to import airline schedules. You can email us your airline schedule export (usually a CSV file) and we can try and convert it to the Pilot Pro import format.

Step 1 – Download Our Template

You will need a spreadsheet app of some kind to edit the template.

Step 2 – Add Your Logbook Entries

There are instructions inside the template for how to fill it out, but we'll give some additional information here.

There are two main sections in the import template: aircraft and logbook entries. You can add as many rows inside the template as you want. It's important that you don't delete or move around any of the required columns (they are marked as such in the spreadsheet). Our import tool is picky about that.

Feeling lazy? It might seem like way too much work to copy/paste all your flight info, or to type it all up from a paper logbook. We don't blame you. One option you have is to create a single logbook entry as a "summary" entry. This entry would have "BULK" or something similar as the airport ID, and you then put the total of all your previous flight time as the entry duration (e.g. 1284.5). This won't give you much insight into your previous flying experience, but it gets your flight totals up to date in a hurry. Another approach is to create a summary entry for each aircraft category (e.g. single-engine in one entry and multi-engine in another entry).

If this is the route you want to take, then go ahead and add this bulk entry right in the app—no need to use the CSV import tool.

Once you are done, export a CSV file and move on to Step 2 below.

Step 3 – Upload Your CSV File

Head on over to our web app and on the Tools page you'll see a place to upload your CSV file. You'll quickly notice that you need to be logged in to Dropbox in order to use the web app since that's how we sync your logbook with the iOS app.

You will be presented with a preview of some of the flight data you are about to import. Scroll through it and make sure everything looks okay. Click Finalize to send all the entries to your logbook.

If you have any issues or questions, please email us.